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shutup spike

Whoa it has been awhile since i've posted on here. Is livejournal still popular or has everyone moved on to other places. I don't know why i pressed 'post an entry' just guess I felt I needed to see if anyone was still listening(umm reading) I'm hoping if you are reading than you are well.. okay now i'm just rambling and taking up space.

The weather is getting warmer, you know i think i may actually have that depression, the one brought on from lack of sun, i think its called 'sad' and no i'm not kidding, i'm sure thats what it is called. i'm so boring i have no idea what to say hence the reason why i rarely post, i can't blather on about nothing, who in their right mind would want to read that.

then again thats this post in a nutshell...till next time, whenever that may be.


well i'm going to critique my own post and say it would probably help if i looked up at my writing during the typing just so i can see what a botch up mess i did i spelling that drivvle. shame on me!

That is what it's called. Seasonal Affected Disorder

And hello!

Hello there...hehehe thank you, i'll take that, sounds like the perfect excuse.
Look who posted! Says the woman who never posts anymore herself. :)

I Know i'm crap, i apologise i'm a hopeless case I never post, how are you? *begs apologee with sad puppy eyes and pout*
Always lovely to see you popping up on here even if it's a brief foray :)

I'm still hanging around on LJ - too set in my ways to move elsewhere.

Take care - I look forward to your next appearance ;)

(poping? Sounds like a fun catholic past-time!)

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Hehehe..good to see it. I hope you are still writing too? I'm happy to see there are still friends hangin'in LJ Hope you are well darl?