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feeling very stupid

i did a insanely stupid thing on friday night, i was having bbq at my house and found a wineglass in my cupboard that had a crack in it, so i went outside to put it my rubbish bin. the bin was full so after putting it in bag that was inside i put my hand on top to squash it down...you can see where its heading can't you. anyway i managed to cut through, tendon and nerves etc across my right index finger. Anyway i'm home now after 4 hours of surgery on saturday night and am just waiting to see if i'll get any feeling back. extremely lucky i'm a left hander. just still feeling very annoyed with myself. its not like i share alot on here but just felt the need to tell someone


Oh good lord, that is not fun at all! I hope it heals up quickly and cleanly!
thank you hon, hope you doing well hows the buffy fandom or have you moved on?
Oh lord, I am so out of touch with fandom in general. The only thing I am feeling even remotely fannish about is a micro fandom of two, it's sad *G*. Anyway.

How is your hand doing?
Sorry about the lateness in replying, my hand is getting better, going to have a wicked scar, its just keeping up the physio, i'm a left hander and the damage is on my right but it still feels weak, so i just try to move my hand more , purposely pick things up with my right. Getting there slowly, top half of my index finger has no feeling though, it'll take months for the nerve to grow back, it may never be the same.

Micro fandom's..intrigued? Does that mean little known fandoms or what. Still keep in touch with the others from the buffy days?
Oh, that so sucks! I am glad it was not your primary hand, but good lord! Not something you want to be messing about with!

Micro fandoms would be very very small fandoms. In my case, it's a fandom of two. Damn bandslash.

And yeah, I do indeed talk to a few people still I met in the Buffy era, yourself?
Oh lordy..bandslash? Anyone in particular? Not exactly a band but did quite like the adam lambert/kris fics from american idol not that i watched the show i just kinda gravitated to the fiction.
As for keeping in touch not really..occasionally tj goldstein but not many others, hows Sofy you guys were always close?
Um, Bell X1. They have eaten my brain. Seriously, I am going on at least six months of listening to very little else. It's crazy.

Sophie has kind of fallen off of LJ, she got married to a nice fangirl, and is doing the whole librarian thing.

You heard about Helen/Betagoddess, yes?
I had never heard of Bell X1 (don't shoot me)so I looked them up on youtube, they are good i'll have to find one of their albums. I can imagine thats a small fandom, but i'm guessing these two authors write alot.

I remember when she started seeing some girl, i thought she was an author herself but maybe this is another girl. I'm so absent from LJ its been ages since i spoke to her. I'm really happy for her though she always seemed to be going through alot emotionally so i'm happy she found someone.

I do remember betagoddess, not well as I only remember as being around not that I was friends with her. I do remember she died a few years ago right, she lost her battle with cancer... so awful. I remember, did you know her well?

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Yeah, no one has heard of Bell X1 and it is a fucking shame, for they are brilliant. Big in Ireland but not so much anywhere else. I saw them six months ago and have been pretty much obsessed since. LMK if you want to try out some of their stuff.

Right there with you on Sophie!

And yeah, Helen was a bit part of my first venture into fandom, so I was not sure if she was someone you knew or not. So sad!