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freaky thang...

So it was my birthday this month and my father sent me a few books in the mail, gardening mostly as it's become my thing, and they are excellent books and then... he sent me '50 Shades of Grey'...yup my father sent me '50 Shades of Grey' I can't tell you how hard I laughed when I opened that package.

Tell me have any of you read it? I'm curious. Admit it's been your guilty pleasure, come on I dare ya!

I mean the whole internet has been abuzz about it and I must admit i've been wondering if I should buy it, check out all the hype for myself but was just hoping to attain it and not feel wretched about actually paying for it (like of course how a man would buy a playboy for instance, for the indepth articles, nothing more..)you know what I mean, right?;-P

I'm up to page 11, and its fine so far. Still my father bought this book for me which is bordering on all kinds of wrong, yet kinda cool at the same time.