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Bring on February, and daughter no1 back at school and we can finally get some money,you can only live on eggs, noodles and spaghetti for soooo long till you feel like you might go crazy


*Jumps up and down too* its infectious...hehehe hi there, long time. How ya been ?
gawd, busy. girls are big (8 & nearly 13) but still managing to be very high maintenance. we're liking life in the UK though, it was a good move. hope y'all are all well. xoxox
8 and 13 damn they are growing up. I have a 16 month old and 11 year old and I know the high Mantenance well especially my oldest, like a minefield most of the time. Ohhh is UK very very cold right now or have you been spared the enormous amount of snow where you are?
Busy here too, fixing our first house, hindered by earthquakes and the aftershocks but getting there, its fun just the same. *Much hugs to you all*
Are you OK honey? I had a harrowing time getting out of the building and minor cuts and bruising but otherwise doing alright. As right as we can be these days.

love B
Hi there hon. Yeah we are all okay. I just tried ringing you but I guess you are at your parents. I'm glad to hear you are okay, OMG you would have been at work. How did the building you work in fare? It's such sad time in Chch, feel for those waiting to hear about loved ones. its awful.

My mum was in the city library when it happened and she ran back into work on manchester street, i think she was very lucky. Her house in lyttelton not so much i think it may need to bulldozed, its in bad shape.