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its freaking snowing *pout* bugger!!


Bugger indeed!

Took me over an hour to get to Hornby, less than 2 hours at work and we got sent home as the air conditioning wasn't working.
I'm really hoping the electricity stays on - there's been a bit of fluctuating over this side of town.

You doing all right - haven't talked in ages?

Re: Bugger indeed!

hi hon, *hugs* it has been ages, i keep thinking about stop in and saying hey when i pass your house. You're working in hornsby, thats a bit of a trip each morning. As much as the snows pretty and the kids love it i'm over it. I'm hoping thats the only dump of snow we get this year, and its so early for snow too.
Our power has been fine here, tv stations a bit wonky but i'm mostly on the computer anyway.

How are you? Hows things? Your family alright?
Have you still got my email? I'm still with xtra if you want to chat. My old computer was stolen and I lost all my contacts....